Mäkké sny ( Soft Dreams )

The young director Miroslav Benka staged an interesting chorographical play THE SOFT DREAMS. (…). The motto: “Reminiscences of the Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors” already expresses the main idea of the scriptwriter, director, set designer and author of illuminations in one person. The script does not tell any story: outwardly jointly incoherent acts, unconnected with each other, are comprehensible and legible for the audience. The acts are mutually interwoven with a common thread - the fate of a man whom you can hardly avoid… through the mediation of the “Reminiscences of the Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors”, the spectators may experience their own apocalypse, they may move on further to the future full of desperate hopelessness, salvation, the remains of human message.

PRAVDA / Bratislava, 24th June 1994

…From time to time, I have met with theatre ensembles of former Yugoslavia at the international festivals. Despite this, until now I have not yet experienced and I have not come across a Yugoslavian director who of Slovak descent, who directs Slovak professional theatre ensemble and who stamped on its image a sign of “southern provenance”, whereby the ensemble presents itself by rendering a very suggestive expression where interference among the visual artistic sign, performing expression, director’s creative comprehension, bound with an expression of cosmogony tense situation, has an extraordinarily authentic and artistically convincing impression in experiences of the stage production shape.

FEST-FISH, BULLETIN No 4, Presov, May 1994

…With respect to all demands for expression through motion and music - the experiences and vision of world just breathed at me from the native country of the

LITERARNY TYZDENNIK / Bratislava, September 1994