Lux in Tenebris ( Light into Darkness )

Castle, this is your story”, is told with emotion and panache. The pomp of yesteryear and the technical wizardry of this century come together to create this new spectacle with, in the leading role, the Castle of Bojnice which, alone, unites “a thousand years of history within ten magnificent centuries” as are summed up by Jan Papco and Miroslav Benka who penned the text.
With its lights ( no less than six hundred projectors), the procession of images
projected ( designed Miodrag Tabacki and Angelina Atlagic ) onto the walls of the castle itself, the special effects ( technology unique in Atonmultimedia ), the a round sound effects and a prestigious production, this show carries us away in its fantastic whirlpool of lights and colors retracing the history of the Castle’s successive creations.

STV 1 NEWS, Bratislava, 2nd May 1994